Journal special issue: Domain-general factors influencing numerical and arithmetic processing

Domain-general factors influencing numerical and arithmetic processing

Guest Editors: Andre Knops (Humboldt University, Germany), Hans-Christoph Nuerk (Eberhard Karls University Tübingen, Germany), Silke Göbel (University of York, UK)

Traditionally, numerical cognition research has focussed on domain-specific contributions to numerical and arithmetic processing, such as a 'core number sense' located bilaterally in the intraparietal sulcus (IPS). However, as evident in educational and developmental research, domain-general processes like working memory, attention, or general intelligence play an important role in number processing and arithmetic. Recently evidence has been accumulating  that for most arithmetic and possibly also basic number processing tasks, both domain-specific and domain-general factors influence performance. The nature of the relative contribution of domain-specific and domain-general processes, however, is currently not well understood. We do not know much about the processes underlying possible interactions of these factors, the specificity of their contribution across tasks, stimuli, and participants, the modulation of their contribution by strategy, cognitive control and other factors and their connectivity in behavioral and neural models of numerical cognition.

The aim of this special issue is to assemble current research on domain-general factors affecting numerical and arithmetic processing that is otherwise scattered across various journals. The invited ms are not limited  with respect to task, age, participant group or (behavioral or neurocognitive) dependent variables and should contribute to the understanding of the role of domain-general and domain-specific processes and their interaction in numerical cognition.

*New deadline for submissions*

The deadline for submissions has been set as 31 May 2016 to accommodate requests for more opportunity to prepare manuscripts. Authors must identify an intention to submit by this date, even where they have agreed an extension beyond this with the section editors before submission.

Proposed publication: final issue 2016 / first issue 2017