A New and Exciting Chapter for the Journal of Numerical Cognition

John Towse*a

Journal of Numerical Cognition, 2019, Vol. 5(1), https://doi.org/10.5964/jnc.v5i1.214

Published (VoR): 2019-04-05.

*Corresponding author at: Department of Psychology, Lancaster University, Bailrigg, Lancaster, LA1 4YF, United Kingdom. E-mail: jtowse@jnc.psychopen.eu

This is an open access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0), which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.

JNC continues to grow and establish itself as a central venue for reporting and discussing contemporary ideas and knowledge in the field of mathematics and numerical cognition. JNC is superbly supported by its progressive publisher, PsychOpen, who continue to innovate and grow their publishing systems and standards whilst they maintain a Platinum publishing model – free to read and free to publish – that matches many commercial outlets. This Editorial marks the start of Volume 5 of the Journal, and there are already many important and interesting articles lined up for release this year.

The Journal continues to invite and consider a broad portfolio of articles for publication. “Traditional” analysis of empirical research can be complemented by pre-registered reports, where a submission is made and, following careful review, an in-principle publication decision is made prior to the collection of data. As you may notice from browsing through the Journal contents, there is an increased availability of supplementary materials for empirical research, especially raw data, and a movement towards an increasingly systematic cataloguing of what supplementary content it is possible to make available. Theoretical contributions continue to be welcomed and book reviews have been commissioned. The Journal has benefited from a number of special issues too, where a focused set of papers crystalize contemporary issues and developments.

JNC reviewed and renewed its Editorial Board team members beginning in 2019. The Journal is rightly proud to have assembled an exceptional group of researchers in the field, who bring a mix of experience and new ideas, current Journal experience and also fresh talent, and a skill set that reflects the broad community of research that seeks to improve our understanding of mathematical behaviour and numerical cognition. We have full confidence that they can help to identify and nurture the very best research ideas and research findings for publication in the Journal.

The Journal would also like to take this opportunity to thank sincerely the previous Editorial Team, who supported the Journal from its inception and launch and who have helped to make the Journal the rapid success that it has become. We wish all those who are stepping down every success in new endeavours.

The Editorial Team from 2019 will comprise:

  • John Towse (Editor in Chief) (University of Lancaster, UK)

  • Mark Ashcraft (University of Nevada Las Vegas, USA)

  • Andrea Bender (University of Bergen, Norway)

  • Jamie Campbell (University of Saskatchewan, Canada)

  • Krzysztof Cipora (Eberhard Karls University of Tuebingen, Germany)

  • Mirjam Ebersbach (Universität Kassel, Germany)

  • Tom Faulkenberry (Tarleton State University, USA)

  • Camilla Gilmore (University of Loughborough, UK)

  • Silke Goebel (University of York, UK)

  • Andre Knops (Université Paris Descartes & University Sorbonne Paris Cité, France)

  • Jo-Anne LeFevre (Carleton University, Canada)

  • Tali Leibovich-Raveh (University if Haifa, Israel)

  • Oliver Lindemann (Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands)

  • Daniela Lucangeli (University of Padova, Italy)

  • Michelle Mazzocco (University of Minnesota, USA))

  • Jake McMullen (University of Turku, Finland)

  • Milton Rosa (Universidade Federal de Ouro Preto, Brazil)

  • Barbara Sarnecka (University of California-Irvine, USA)

  • Carlo Semenza (University of Padova, Italy)

  • Mojtaba Soltanlou (Eberhard Karls University of Tuebingen, Germany)

  • Firat Soylu (University of Alabama, USA)

  • Sashank Varma (University of Minnesota, USA)

  • Arnaud Viarouge (Université Paris Descartes, France)

  • Xiao Zhang (University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong)

As noted in the previous Editorial, the success of the Journal would simply not be possible without the many volunteers who have undertaken reviews of submissions. Thoughtful, incisive and constructive reviews represent an essential component of the health and vitality of the Journal. It is through such reviews that authors come to see important perspectives and recognise the core challenges in communicating their work. Therefore, the Journal would like to gratefully acknowledge the contribution of the following reviewers in supporting its efforts since 2016:

  1. Dor Abrahamson

  2. Daniel Ansari

  3. Sarit Ashkenazi

  4. Jennifer Asmuth

  5. Arnaud Badets

  6. Drew Bailey

  7. Brian Ball

  8. Brian Barber

  9. Christina Barbieri

  10. David Barner

  11. Sophie Batchelor

  12. Jacob Beck

  13. Daniel Berch

  14. Ilaria Berteletti

  15. Nancy Betz

  16. Silke Bieck

  17. Marie-Josee Bisson

  18. Par Bjalkebring

  19. Julie Booth

  20. Caitlin Brez

  21. Jennifer Brown

  22. Brian Butterworth

  23. Antonio Calcagni

  24. Caroline Castel

  25. Sara Caviola

  26. Feiyan Chan

  27. Yalin Chen

  28. Yi-Ling Cheng

  29. Heeyoung Choo

  30. Felicia Chu

  31. Krzysztof Cipora

  32. Paul Cirino

  33. Jack Clearman

  34. Dale Cohen

  35. Alf Coles

  36. Richard Cowan

  37. Alexander Cruise

  38. Ryan Curl

  39. Bert De Smedt

  40. Nicholas Dewind

  41. Shelley Dole

  42. Dror Dotan

  43. Jakub Dotlacil

  44. Mirjam Ebersbach

  45. Amy Ellis

  46. Caleb Everett

  47. Marco Fabbri

  48. Thomas Faulkenberry

  49. Wim Fias

  50. Ruth Filik

  51. Emily Fyfe

  52. Florence Gabriel

  53. Giovanni Galfano

  54. Thomas Gallagher-Mitchell

  55. Dana Ganor-Stern

  56. Carrie Georges

  57. Trina Geye

  58. David Gomez

  59. Roland Grabner

  60. Alessandro Guida

  61. Elizabeth Gunderson

  62. Robert Gunnarsson

  63. Alyse Hachey

  64. Harry Haladjian

  65. Minna Hannula-Sormunen

  66. Frances Harper

  67. Sara Hart

  68. Marian Hickendorff

  69. Thomas Hinault

  70. Gavin Hitchcock

  71. Danielle Hoffmann

  72. Kevin Holmes

  73. Paula Hubber

  74. Yi-Hui Hung

  75. Thomas Hunt

  76. Michelle Hurst

  77. Matthew Inglis

  78. Anja Ischebeck

  79. David Kirshner

  80. Holly Klee

  81. Eric Knuth

  82. Karl Kopiske

  83. Karl Kosko

  84. Attila Krajcsi

  85. Helga Krinzinger

  86. Karin Landerl

  87. David Landy

  88. Mathieu Le Corre

  89. Keith Leatham

  90. Hon Wah Lee

  91. Katherine Lewis

  92. Melissa Libertus

  93. Ian Lyons

  94. Beth MacDonald

  95. Pedro Macizo

  96. Erin Maloney

  97. Anna Matejko

  98. Percival Matthews

  99. Nicole McNeil

  100. Sandrine Mejias

  101. Kristina Moll

  102. Kevin Moore

  103. Bradley Morris

  104. Kyle Morrissey

  105. Maria Núñez-Peña

  106. Benjamin Nagengast

  107. Mike Nicholls

  108. Marie-Pascale Noel

  109. Anderson Norton

  110. Rafael Nunez

  111. Andreas Obersteiner

  112. Sinan Olkun

  113. Helena Osana

  114. Katarzyna Patro

  115. Marcie Penner-Wilger

  116. Wim Pouw

  117. Gavin Price

  118. Geetha Ramani

  119. Gerardo Ramirez

  120. Sanne Rathe

  121. Robert Reeve

  122. Regina Reinert

  123. Ilyse Resnick

  124. Katherine Robinson

  125. Henrik Saalbach

  126. Barbara Sarnecka

  127. Greg Sarnecki

  128. Delphine Sasanguie

  129. Bilge Sayim

  130. Lennart Schalk

  131. Christoph Scheepers

  132. Amy Scheuermann

  133. Dirk Schlimm

  134. Michael Schneider

  135. Francesco Sella

  136. Anna Sfard

  137. Anna Shusterman

  138. Pooja Sidney

  139. Robert Siegler

  140. Fiona Simmons

  141. Victoria Simms

  142. Martin Simon

  143. Sheri-Lynn Skwarchuk

  144. Emily Slusser

  145. Firat Soylu

  146. Jeff Starns

  147. Leslie Steffe

  148. Sebastian Suggate

  149. Jess Sullivan

  150. Emily Sumner

  151. Catherine Thevenot

  152. Jonathan Thomas

  153. Ashley Thomas

  154. Erik Tillema

  155. Loel Tronsky

  156. David Trumpower

  157. Ron Tzur

  158. Amandine van Rinsveld

  159. Marina Vasilyeva

  160. Arnaud Viarouge

  161. Jennifer Wagner

  162. Keith Weber

  163. Tina Weis

  164. Corey White

  165. Jesse Wilkins

  166. Tin Yau Terry Wong

  167. Iro Xenidou-Dervou

  168. Chang Xu

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