Forthcoming Articles

Articles below are "in press", i.e., accepted for publication in Journal of Numerical Cognition but not yet published. If authors made their accepted version available via PsychArchives a link to the author accepted manuscript (AAM) version is provided.

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  • Embodied Magnitude Processing: On the Relation Between the SNARC Effect and Perceived Reachability

    Nadine Koch, Johannes Lohmann, Martin V. Butz, Hans-Christoph Nuerk
  • Guiding students’ attention towards multiplicative relations around them: A classroom intervention

    Saku Määttä, Minna Hannula-Sormunen, Hilma Halme, Jake McMullen
  • Biased Problem Distributions in Assignments Parallel Those in Textbooks: Evidence from Fraction and Decimal Arithmetic

    Jing Tian
  • Linking Quantities and Symbols in Early Numeracy Learning

    Jo-Anne LeFevre, Sheri-Lynn Skwarchuk, Carla Sowinski, Ozlem Cankaya
  • Children’s Mixed-Rounding Strategy Use in Computational Estimation

    Sebastian Poloczek, Svenja Hammerstein, Gerhard Büttner