Forthcoming Articles

Articles below are "in press", i.e., accepted for publication in Journal of Numerical Cognition but not yet published. If authors made their accepted version available via PsychArchives a link to the author accepted manuscript (AAM) version is provided.

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  • Not Toeing the Number Line for Simple Arithmetic: Two Large-n Conceptual Replications of Mathieu et al. (Cognition, 2016, Experiment 1)

    Jamie I. D. Campbell, Yalin Chen, Maham Azhar
  • When Does the Story Matter? No Evidence for the Foregrounding Hypothesis in Math Story Problems

    Sabrina M. Di Lonardo Burr, Jill Turner, Jesse Nietmann, Jo-Anne LeFevre
  • Pick the Smaller Number: No Influence of Linguistic Markedness on Three-Digit Number Processing

    Julia Bahnmueller, Krzysztof Cipora, Silke Melanie Göbel, Hans-Christoph Nuerk, Mojtaba Soltanlou
  • Making Sense of the Relation Between Number Sense and Math

    Bert Reynvoet, Andrew D. Ribner, Leanne Elliott, Manon Van Steenkiste, Delphine Sasanguie, Melissa E. Libertus
  • Not All Elementary School Teachers Are Scared of Math

    Christina Artemenko, Carrie Georges, Hans-Christoph Nuerk, Krzysztof Cipora
  • Developing a Rigorous Measure of the Pre-School Home Mathematics Environment

    Abbie Cahoon, Tony Cassidy, David J. Purpura, Victoria Simms