Measurement of Mathematics Anxiety in an Israeli Adult Population


  • Michael Batashvili
  • Krzysztof Cipora
  • Thomas E. Hunt


Maths anxiety is common and refers to feelings of anxiety, fear and other negative emotions and thoughts in individuals when confronted with mathematical tasks or numerical information. Self-report measures of maths anxiety have been created, but the majority are in English and are not culturally relevant to all countries. This study aimed to translate and validate existing measures for future use in Hebrew-speaking adult populations. The Mathematics Anxiety Scale – UK (MAS-UK) was translated to Hebrew and adult participants completed it alongside the Mathematics Anxiety Rating Scale – Revised (MARS-R) and a general anxiety measure. Factor structures were explored for both the translated MAS-UK and a Hebrew version of the MARS-R, as well as being checked for reliability and convergent and discriminant validity. Results from a final sample of 213 participants, indicated the shortened, Hebrew version of the MAS-UK and the MARS-R are internally consistent and suitable for use in future maths anxiety research in adult Israeli populations. Findings regarding sex differences in maths anxiety are also discussed.